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Terms & Conditions

COVID-19: Cancellation or Postponement enquiries.  


These are the guidelines that we are using to best help you... 


All orders are subject to our terms and conditions which may be viewed online, in-store, or read to you over the telephone.


We hope that you will be able to appreciate that in order to preserve our small business we must uphold this policy even under such circumstance as COVID-19.


That said, we want to support our customers through what may be a challenging time.


Some questions we may be asked, and how we will answer….


“Can I have a smaller cake instead?”


Provided it isn’t already started, you may down-scale your cake. If the deposit on the original order is greater than the balance due on the down-scaled cake, then any difference will be offered as a credit note. Valid for up to one year from the original collection date.


If the balance due for the down-scaled cake is less than the original deposit, then the original deposit will be transferred to the down-scaled cake. The new balance may be settled on collection. 


In some scenarios the standard cancellation policy may be more suitable. With a new order being created for a smaller cake.


“Can I postpone?”


Provided your cake isn’t already started, you may postpone for up to one year from the original collection date.


“Can I cancel my order?”


Yes, subject to our standard terms and conditions. Provided the cake isn’t already started, perhaps you might consider instead, exchanging for a credit note which you may redeem against a future purchase/s to the same value as that already paid. This option if available would not incur any cancellation fees.

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