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'Spotty Box Cake'
A beautifully hand finished cake,
in a box that is spotty - simple.
Perfect to share with a friend.
From £8 they measure 12.5cm²
Choose your flavours.
Press 'Add to box'
Then 'Checkout' and 'Pay'

Choose a Flavour

Vani Side.png

Our signature
vanilla sponge
with raspberry jam
and vanilla frosting

Scrumptious chocolate sponge with lovely, light chocolate frosting

Choc Side.png
Lemo Side.png

Luscious lemon sponge with lemon curd and lemon frosting

Sensational strawberry sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla frosting

Straw Side.png
Cara Side.png

Dan's favourite
delectable coffee sponge with caramel frosting

Special Spotty Boxes

Choose a Design

Special Spotty Boxes Anchor
Complete your details and pay
Are you ordering for Collection or Delivery?

Spotty Box Cake: Terms and Conditions.

Collection is available from our Solihull bakery. Pre order advisable. 

Delivery is provided by Evri using their Next Day service. We will dispatch the item on the date that you request. We are unable to guarantee next day delivery. 

Unfortunately by its nature the frosting top decoration is liable to damage during transit. We'd love for you to see them as pretty as they leave us, but rest assured they still taste great! We will not be able to offer compensation for smudged, squashed or otherwise spoiled decoration.

They are dispatched from us with a 'best consumed by' of 6 days ahead. 

Decorations will vary. 

Besides the insert greeting card in the delivered Spotty Cake Box's, these cakes are not customisable. You may order from our 'Quick' range or 'Browse' for a wide range of fully customisable cakes for collection only.

Designed for the people that love our cake but don't have cause to order a bigger one. 

Introductory prices subject to change without prior notice. 

Insert Message

The date they will leave us.

We will send using Evri Next Day.

Delivery Details

Opening hours.

Payment Details
Box Card.jpg


Delivered Spotty Box Cakes
come with an insert card like this.

So that you may write a
lovely greeting to the recipient.

They will be printed as entered.
So please do check spellings etc.
Whats's in the box?
What's in the box?
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