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'Spotty Box Cake'
A beautifully hand finished cake,
in a box that is spotty - simple.
Perfect to share with a friend.
£8 each they measure 12.5cm²
Choose your flavours.
Press 'Add to box'
Then 'Checkout' and 'Pay'
What's in the box?
Complete your details and pay
Whats's in the box?

Opening hours.

Spotty Box Cake

Available for collection only from our Solihull bakery. Pre order advisable. 

Decorations will vary. 

These cakes are not customisable. You may order from our 'Quick' range or 'Browse' for a wide range of fully customisable cakes.

Designed for the people that love our cake but don't have cause to order a bigger one. 

Introductory price, £8. Subject to change without prior notice.

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