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Dan - The story of the cake artist...

It was 1984, I was 6 weeks old when my father, Jonathan, started making cakes from what was to be my bedroom. My Mom delivered the first cake with me in the pushchair. This was way back. Nobody did what we do then.

Roll on 16 years. Still at school, and like most young lads wanting some extra pocket money. Dad offered me a summer job and I jumped at it. I’ve always been a practical person. I excelled in art and design technology at school (apart from the paper work side of it- that’s another story) but until then I’d never had any real interest or understanding of cake.

In the 16 years prior, Dad had grown the business considerably. Moving from bedroom to a premises in Bournville and then again to Kings Norton. I joined a team of around 20. Mostly women. From an all boys' school, and being admittedly a little shy, I was in the deep end. Feeling the pressures of being the 'bosses son', I had to prove myself. I didn't ever want to be treated differently and so I worked my proverbial off.

I worked with my Dad, Jonathan for 15 years. Learning as much as I could and developing my own skills. Alongside Sid, one of my father's longest standing employees and Helen who joined a few years before our move to Solihull. It was back in 2014 that I took the helm. The intention was for him to step back and let me take the pressure off. He still works as much or more than me!

So here we are, 2020, I've been making cakes for 20 years. Mostly, I love it. We are fortunate to be able to serve so many wonderful, loyal customers. I still feel great satisfaction hearing how much you've enjoyed our creations.

As ever, to be continued...


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